Hosted Checkouts And Payment Gateways: What You Should Know

When you want to take payments from your customers, you do not need to buy the traditional credit card reader that takes up half your desk. You can buy a credit card terminal if you need one, or you can use a hosted payment gateway that does everything you need it to do. Plus, you need to remember that you can combine the products you get so that you can run your business as efficiently as possible.

What Is A Hosted Gateway?

If you get a hosted payment gateway from a company like Inoviopay, you can accept payments from credit cards and virtual payment accounts. Your customers can make payments online, and you will be paid instantly through the system. Plus, the virtual gateway will log all the transactions that you have processed.

You can use the hosted gateway on your website, or you can use the gateway on your computer. If your employees are taking payments over the phone, they can enter credit card information into the system without swiping a card. If you are accepting payments with a proper card reader, you can send the payments through the same system. Plus, this is the system that takes online payments.

How Do You Choose A Card Reader?

You may need to choose a card reader for your system because you need to travel with the card reader. You can use the card reader in your office because you want to take payments during the day. You could travel with the device because you are meeting customers at events or trade shows. Plus, you might use a card reader when you arrive at a customer’s home to provide a service.

A mobile card reader plugs into your phone, and the reader uses a mobile app to process each payment. You need to know that the mobile card reader uses the same technology as your physical card reader. You can link all your devices together using the same payment system, and you will see a log of each transaction that was processed when you check online. Plus, you can replace these card readers cheaply if they are damaged, lost, or stolen.

How Do You Use The Money You Have Made?

You can send your money directly to a bank account, or you might use a system that creates a secure account for your cash. When you are ready, you can transfer that money out of the account to your bank account. In some cases, the company allows you to get a debit card that can be used to spend the money you have made right away.


You can get a credit card reader and a virtual processing system from a company like Inoviopay, and it will be easy for you to accept payments anywhere that you want. You simply need to choose the system that works in your office, on your mobile device and helps you transfer your money quickly. Also, remember that the system should process payments through a secure server.

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