What Is A Speech Pathologist?

A speech pathologist is a speech-language experience who understands how to help children and adults improve their speech patterns. Children who have light to severe speech impediments can visit a speech pathologist in the school building, or they might visit a speech expert every week at a doctor’s office. Adults may need to relearn how to speak after a major injury, and the speech pathologist creates a treatment plan that helps those adults return to normal. Read more to learn what these professionals do if you are choosing a career or planning a career change.

The Speech Pathologist Has Some Freedom

A speech pathologist in a school has some freedom to adjust their schedule because they are not staring at the same classes every day. These pathologists can create their own schedules, and they can decide which kids need the most help. A speech pathologist in a doctor’s office can do the same thing, especially during the school year. While kids are in school, these experts may want to take the day off before students arrive for appointments after school.

You Can Work In Any Setting You Want

If you want to become a speech-language pathologist, you can work in any setting you want. You could work in an ENT’s office, and you might help people who need help learning to speak after getting cochlear implants. You can help kids learn how to speak properly at school, or you can help adults who never got the attention they needed in school.

You could work in a hospital, free clinic, doctor’s office, or school. You might rise to the level of supervisor when you work for a big system that has several pathologists, and you can adjust your schedule accordingly when you need time off.

You Can Start Working After Getting Your Graduate Degree

Anyone who wants to go into speech pathology can go back to school to get a Master’s Degree in the field. You do not need to get a doctorate if you do not want to, and you can make good money in the school system because you get paid more for a Master’s Degree.

You Can Change Jobs Easily

You have a lot of freedom to change jobs at any time. You are not licensed by the state as a teacher, and that allows you to change jobs at any time. You can leave your school contract to work in a doctor’s office, and you can work for the school system at almost any time because there is typically a shortage of speech-language pathologists.


When you are thinking of changing careers, you can become a speech pathologist by getting your graduate degree. There are many job opportunities for you when you get out of school, and you can change jobs easily. Plus, you might work at both a doctor’s office and a school to make double the money in a year without working too many hours or getting stressed out.

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